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Learn Revit & AutoCAD Online
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Learn Revit & AutoCAD Online
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At CADSPACE we enable architects and engineers to leverage the benefits of cutting-edge building design technology. We employ innovative educational technologies that enable us to provide top-tier training. In this way we help our clients master state-of-the-art building design software, boost their productivity, and demonstrate expertise.

Our journey begun in 2022 when our founder, Aris Theophilou, an experienced structural engineer, identified the lack of upscale training opportunities in the field of building design software, accessible from one’s own computer. The conventional training landscape is dominated largely by a lack of standards, which prompted us to develop our own path.

We employ innovative educational technologies, using which we are in position to deliver training courses through the internet. Through the instructor-led, synchronously, teaching method, we maintain the direct contact of the instructor with the trainees, offering a very efficient teaching experience. Through our learning management system, asynchronously, trainees have the luxury of studying on their own pace and time availability, resulting in substantial economic benefits and convenience.

We have formed strategic partnerships, such as with the renowned software vendor Autodesk, to which we have aligned the standards of our trainings. We offer courses for internationally recognized certifications, with which our clients can demonstrate their expertise. We further ensure that all our instructors are certified and have substantial experience in their fields.

We remain committed to maintaining a high level of integrity and professionalism in our services. We are constantly seeking ways to innovate in the field of teaching, aiming to offer the ultimate value to our clients.

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